Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Break, Part 1

We headed out to Redding on March 27 and stopped for an overnight visit with Patty.  It is always a pleasure to see her and she is a very gracious hostess.  The next morning we headed out to Vancouver WA.  It was a beautiful day with rain and lots of clouds.  My sweetie and I always enjoy our driving trips as it gives us lots of time to take in the beauty God has bless us with.  This picture was taken just north of Yreka.  I love all the colors displayed in the clouds with the sun trying to peek through. 

We continued our drive enjoying each others company as the rain continued to fall.  These pictures were taken just south of Salem, Oregon.

Everything is so pretty and green and I love the mountains and the clouds in the back ground.
We arrived at the kids place and settled in waiting for everyone to get on from work.  Awbrey, our sweet granddaughter, was playing in a golf tournament and Marianne was picking her up on her way home.  Once everyone arrived home we spent a quiet evening catching up on what has been taking place in our lives and preparing dinner.  Marianne is a really great cook and she prepared us broiled chicken, pasta and steamed broccoli.  It was really delish!
The next day my sweetie and I spent a quiet relaxing day while everyone else was at school or work.  Later that afternoon, when Awbrey arrived home from school, the two of us headed out for our traditional shopping trip.  We had a wonderful time at the mall trying on different things and being together and home the way stopped and picked up Starbucks for us and Papa.
That evening we had our traditional Friday evening meal of Pizza and Salad.
Saturday morning everyone spent time relaxing after a long week of work.  That afternoon Marianne, Awbrey and myself headed out to Farmer's Market.  I love the Vancouver Farmer's Market!  We bought some fresh lettuce, cucumbers, fresh Tulips and I bought my baby girl 6 lettuce plants to start her lettuce garden basket.  After our time at Farmer's Market we headed to the Mall.  It was now time to do some serious shopping.  We spent some time in Victoria's Secret, Nordstrom, American Eagle, Yankee Candle, etc. and then headed to the food court for a snack since none of us had eaten lunch.  After our time of shopping we headed to the grocery store for some vittles for the week.  It was now getting late and none us wanted to cook so off we went to Panda Express and took dinner home.
Sunday morning, Resurrection Day, we headed out to church for a great worship service, Elevate Church, with the kids.  It was "My Story" day.  So along with a short sermon from Pastor Steve we heard three great testimonies of what Jesus had done and was doing in their lives.  After church we came home for a ham dinner with scallop potatoes, sauteed green beans w/mushrooms.  Yummy!  While dinner was cooking we took the time to hide a few things in the back yard for Awbrey to find.

Marianne, Awbrey and myself decided to go for a walk after dinner.  It was an absolutely, beautiful and gorgeous day, perfect for an afternoon stroll and we snapped a couple of pictures along the way.

This week we have been enjoying our time with Awbrey and the kids.  Although they are working we love spending the evenings with them.  Marianne has prepared some yummy meals; Strawberry Chicken Salad, Chicken Noodle Soup w/Crusty Bread and last night was Turkey Black Bean Chili w/Corn Bread.  Now I must put a disclaimer on all these meals.  Marianne is doing the "Take Shape for Life" program and she has been eating Lean and Green not all the stuff we have had.  So far she has dropped 28 pounds and looks absolutely awesome!
Today we are spending a quiet rainy day at home.  This morning I made my sweetie and I Pecan pancakes and Awbrey wanted Chocolate Chip pancakes.  They were yummy even if I do say so myself.  After breakfast the two of them sat down to play some X-box.
Absolutely awesome day!!!

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  1. No matter what, you make my day.... I love following you two. Such an awesome couple. Your whole family is are blessed my friend, truly blessed.