Monday, April 22, 2013

Master Bed and Bath Update

My sweetie and I started a master bed and bath update a couple of months ago. I wanted to take pictures of the before but he painted the bathroom before I remembered to take the photos.  So here are a couple of photos right after he got the walls painted.

 Then the update got put on hold as we both caught whatever was going around and then took a short vacation over spring break to visit with our daughter and family in Vancouver, WA.  We have both been anxious to get back to the update since we got home and last week we got back at it or should I say my sweetie got in there and went to work.  I haven't been much help since I injured my knee a couple of weeks ago and can't do anything that puts pressure on it. Here are the before pictures of the bedroom.

Today my sweetie got in there and finished up all the painting.  I decided to snap a picture of him as he was doing all that painting.
Thanks to my handsome sweetie the painting is all done.  Tomorrow we will get the carpets shampooed, furniture moved into place, curtains hung, new linens and comforter for the bed and then start thinking about what and where I want to put things on the walls.  Will post pictures of the completed project.


  1. what a beautiful, warm home....doesn't surprise me.....

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