Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ephesians 2:13-15

S ~ But now you belong to Christ Jesus, and though you once were far away from God, now you have been brought very near to him because of what Jesus Christ has done for you with his blood.  For Christ himself is our way of peace. He has made peace between us Jews and you Gentiles by making us all one family, breaking down the wall of contempt that used to separate us. By his death he ended the angry resentment between us, caused by the Jewish laws that favored the Jews and excluded the Gentiles, for he died to annul that whole system of Jewish laws. Then he took the two groups that had been opposed to each other and made them parts of himself; thus he fused us together to become one new person, and at last there was peace. 

O ~  The blood of Christ torn down the wall of laws that separated Jews and Gentiles.  We are now one family and each of us have the same inheritance.

A ~  I am not look down on or show resentment toward anyone because they are different than me.

Refiner's Fire
by Brian Doerksen

Purify my heart Lord,
Let me be as gold and precious silver.
Purify my heart Lord,
Let me be as gold, pure gold.

Refiner's fire
My heart's one desire is to be holy
Set apart for You, Lord.
I choose to be holy,
Set apart for You my master,
Ready to do Your will.

Purify my heart Lord,
Cleanse me from my sin and make me holy.
Purify my heart Lord,
Cleanse me from my sin, deep within.

P ~ Dear Father I pray that you take away any resentment I may harbor against my brothers or sisters.  I pray that you give me a clean heart and purify me from within.  Amen

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