Monday, June 23, 2014

Ephesians 2:11-12

S ~ Never forget that once you were heathen and that you were called godless and “unclean” by the Jews. (But their hearts, too, were still unclean, even though they were going through the ceremonies and rituals of the godly, for they circumcised themselves as a sign of godliness.)  Remember that in those days you were living utterly apart from Christ; you were enemies of God’s children, and he had promised you no help. You were lost, without God, without hope. (LB)

O ~ These two verses are judgement for I was lost without God and Christ!  

A ~ I am never to take what Christ did for me for granted.  I am not to live the Christian life only on Sundays but live the life Christ has given me through the shedding of His blood everyday.  I am not to only go through the motions of being a Christians to impress others.  Through His Son Jesus Christ God has given men hope for tomorrow and a life with Him for eternity.

P ~ Father God never let me forget the sacrifice of your Son and the shedding of His blood for me.  Father God thank you for the gift of hope.  Father God I want to live for you daily and walk in the path you have given me.  Amen

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