Sunday, September 11, 2011

Grandparents Day

This is my Grandpa and Granny Johnson

We visited with Granny and Grandpa often until we moved to California in 1955.  Then we only saw them once a year when we would go back for a two week vacation.  Grandpa was a quiet man of few words.  He had his TV programs he would watch and when they were over the TV was turned off until his next program came on.  Granny was a whistler.  One of my fondest memories is her whistling as she ran the dust mop over her linoleum floors.  She would whistle the entire hymn as she went about completing her day to day tasks.  Granny was also a quilter.  The quilting frame that hung from the ceiling fascinated me as to how anyone could make something as beautiful as one of her quilts on that thing.  Her stewed potatoes was absolutely the best!

This is Mommy and Poppy Griffin

We also visited with Mommy and Poppy often until we moved to California.  Then it was our annual two week vacation to Arkansas.  All of Mom's brothers, sisters and their families would come to Mommy and Poppy's place when we were there.  I remember peeling 20 pounds of potatoes for one meal.  The adults always ate first and then the kids would get what was left over.  My fondest memory of Mommy and Poppy was when they said their evening prayers.  There would be Baptist pallets everywhere as there were so many people in their little place.  If you got up during the night you really had to watch where you were walking or you would step on someone.  I would lay there at night listening to them pray for each family member, whom they call by name, and drift off to sleep as they prayed.

I miss seeing my Grandparents but I know that they are in Heaven celebrating with our Heavenly Father and they are so much better off than me.

Happy Grandparents Day Granny, Grandpa, Mommy and Poppy.
I love you!!!

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