Saturday, May 18, 2013

Awesome Day With My Sweetie

Yesterday my sweetie's day started off with a gift basket full of his favorite snacks.  Marianne, Stephen and Awbrey know exactly what he likes!
He was absolutely thrilled with all the goodies!
Since my sweetie was feeling a lot better today we decided to head to Visalia IHOP for his free Root n Tooty, Fresh & Fruity birthday breakfast.
Snap this picture while we were waiting for our breakfast.
After breakfast we headed  to the shoe store as my sweetie needed some sketcher walking shoes. 
I like them!!!
Tummies are now full, my sweetie has new shoes and we are now off for a day of adventure.  I still haven't told him where we were going and thought I had better do that just to make sure he was okay with the adventure to some of his favorite places on the central coast.  We made it as far as Kettleman City before the first stop of our adventure and that was Starbucks.  We now have our drinks and are back on the road heading for Cambria.  Here are a few pictures my sweetie took along Hwy 46.

Once in Cambria we wandered in and out of several of our favorite shops;Ball & Skein, Wildwood, A Matter of Taste, Heart's Ease, etc.

I love going into Heart's Ease with all the smells of the different potpourri and herbs and wandering through their garden taking in all the beautiful flowers and listening to the wind chimes.

It is now time to head down Hwy 1 to Morro Bay for a late lunch/early dinner at my sweetie's favorite restaurant The Dutchman.  Since my sweetie was wearing his new hat we opened the sun roof and enjoyed the fresh sea air. 

 Now a visit to Morro Bay would not be complete without a stop at our favorite shop, The Garden Gallery.  We love walking through all the rooms checking out the dishes, candles, place mats, napkins, etc.
 We both love walking through the garden area, looking at the beautiful plants and listening to the waterfalls.
It is now time for some food as it has been a long time since breakfast and we are both hungry.  So to The Dutchman Restaurant we head for some Fish and Chips.

Great view, great food and finished off our meal with a Chocolate-Caramel Ice Cream Sundae.

Tummies are now full again and it is time to head home.  We decided to continue our day of adventure and take Hwy 41 from Morro Bay to Atascadero and then on through the country side as it had been a long time since we had taken that route.  Although the road was narrow and winding it was a beautiful drive. 

We spent Friday evening relaxing and reflecting on the day.
It was an absolute beautiful and gorgeous day on the central coast and I can't think of a better way to have celebrated my sweetie's birthday.

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