Thursday, May 19, 2011

Gary's Birthday Celebration

This past Tuesday was Gary's birthday.  We met some friends Tuesday morning for coffee and went to Bible Study Tuesday evening.  Since we had obligations I didn't really plan anything for his birthday other than a Pineapple Lemon Coconut Cake for refreshments at Bible Study.  Tuesday afternoon we decided to spend Wednesday in and around Morro Bay.  We got up early yesterday and headed out.  Of course we needed some pusholine for the car, breakfast for us and since it was Gary's birthday celebration he got to choose where we were going to eat.  We ended up at Jack n Box in Farmersville for a breakfast croissant.  Even with all the fat and calories the sausage and egg croissant, Gary had cheese on his, was delicious. 

The drive over was absolutely beautiful with all the wild flowers in bloom.  When we arrived in Morro Bay we decided to walk around for a while in and out of the little shops, brought some Christmas gifts and Gary decided I needed a hat to wear to next years Friendship Tea.  He brought my hat and I brought him a hat too!  Then it was time to eat again.  Gary chose The Flying Dutchman as that is his favorite restaurant along the waterfront.  We both had Fish n Chips and they were absolutely the best.

After lunch we headed for Cayucos to spend a little time in the antique shops.  We wandered around for about 2 hours looking for a Christmas Teapot but none was to be had.

We then headed for Cambria.  We love Cambria and if we could afford living there it would be our second choice for retirement.  Of course our first choice is Washington State as that is where our children and grandchildren are.  Our first stop was the Ball and Skein.  I love this little shop with all its yarns and knitting needles.  Of course I had to have another pair of the wooden needles.  This time Gary brought me a size 8 triangle shaped needles.  Really anxious to try them out.  We were then off to all the little shops where we wandered in and out of the secret gardens and took pictures of the flowers,  It was them time to return to the quest for the Christmas Teapot so we hit the antique shops along Main Street.  A Christmas Teapot was not to be found.

Well it is now dinner time and Gary had been talking about having a Spaghetti Dinner at Mustache Pete's all day but it was not to be as Mustache Pete's was out of business. :(  So back to Main Street it was to Linn's Restaurant but that didn't work either as neither one of us wanted to pay $14 for a hamburger.  We settled for a frozen yogurt to tied us over until we got to Paso Robles where we then planned to have dinner.

We arrived in Paso Robles and  decided we would drive on back to Visalia to the Olive Garden so Gary could have his Spaghetti Dinner where he changed his mind and had soup and salad.  Both of us forgot all about the eating healthy and had their Italian Donuts for dessert.  Gary had Raspberry dipping sauce and I, of course, had chocolate.  The were absolutely yummy!

We had so much fun yesterday and have decided to take one day a week away from computers and phones and do what we want to do.

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  1. What a wonderful day...and yes, we all need to take a day away. When we were working we had the, we tend to stay away from weekend outings due to the number of working people filling the space..that is the only time they have and we have five more days a week to use. So, during the week is a great time to travel and get away from the everyday stuff at home. We like to do ours once a month. We usually head for the water too...the Gulf Coast has some beautiful places (nothing like CA tho, I miss that so much)