Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Enjoying Each Other

Gary and I have decided that we are going to take one day a week away from home, phones, computers and just hang out together.  This day will be for us and doing what we want to do.  Last week it was the central coast area so today we thought we hang out in our area.  We had heard about great cafe at the  Woodlake Airport so we headed there for lunch.  Growing up in this area you would think that I would know all about Woodlake but I only remember going there once and that was in high school for a GAA function and I think I only remember that because one of the girls on the Lindsay team fell and broke her arm.  Anyway we set out for Woodlake and you would think that would be easy but you guessed it we made a wrong turn.  We went left when we should have gone right so we made a u-turn and started in the right direction.  We made it to Woodlake but neither one of us knew the name of the cafe or where the airport was.  Gary decided to ask someone at the corner gas station where the airport was.  This nice young man pointed us in the right direction and even told us there was a really good cafe there but he didn't know the name of it.  His directions were; turn left and cross the bridge and it would be on the right side of the road, if we came to the second bridge we had gone to far.  Following his directions we did make it to the airport and The Runway Cafe.  We had a very enjoyable lunch and the cafe lived up to everything we had heard.  While we were having lunch we decided to continue on Highway 216 and came back home through Lemon Cove, still not sure if it is one word or two as we saw it both ways.  While we were driving back to Exeter we decided to stop at the Rocky Hill Ice Cream Parlor in Exeter and wander in and out of the stores for a while.

It was great just spending time together and enjoying each other's company!


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  1. I am so happy that you both are taking time to enjoy each other and just hanging out together. Its amazing huh!!! Stephen and I love our impromptu lunches and stuff. I love you both :)