Saturday, March 17, 2012

Office/Sewing & Craft Room Remodel continues......

The remodel continues with Gary painting today and he won't let me help.  I have been ill for the past couple of days with a head cold and not sleeping much because of the cough.  Hopefully I will be better by Monday so I can help with the organization and the decorating.


  1. You two just amaze me... I have been in the planning stage for two years on what I want to do. You give me hope...

    1. Ms Carol we are just about finished. Nothing happening today or probably for the next couple of days as Gary and I are both under the weather. Darn head cold!!! Will post more pictures as it all comes together. Hope to see you while you are in California. Give me call at (559) 623-6337 and maybe we can get together for a cup of coffee.