Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Guest Room Remodel

Right now our guest room is a combination guest room/office/sewing & craft room.  There is so much stuff in there that it isn't really a comfortable place to work or a comfortable place for a guest to hang out. 

For the past three years Gary's 92 year old mother lived with us but last month she decided to move to Washington to live with his younger brother.  We loved having her here with us but understand her wanting to be Jimmie for a while.

We now have an empty bedroom and at first were really unsure as to whether it should be an office, a sewing/craft room or a guest room.  We finally decided on a guest room since this bedroom is right across the hall from the guest bath.

Yesterday we got the paint and this morning Gary starting prepping the room.

Once the painting is done and the carpet cleaned we will move in the guest room furniture.  When I can comfortably get to my sewing machine I plan to make curtains to match the comforter.  Everyone that knows me knows that I love Magnolias.  So you can probably guess what the color scheme will be for this room and the guest bath. 
Yes it is Magnolia Green and Parchment!!!

I am so excited to see the finished project and will post more pictures as work progresses.  Once this project is finished then it will be time for the Office/Sewing & Craft Room Remodel.

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