Thursday, October 4, 2012

DIY Fall Wreath

This morning I decided to get creative and make a fall wreath.

I took some supplies I had at home and put them with a couple of things I picked up yesterday at the dollar store.

Fall Leaf Garland
Bunch of Fall Flowers
Styrofoam Wreath Ring
Leftover Yarn
Ribbon ( 2 different kinds)
Wire Cutters
Styrofoam Glue

I started by covering the wreath form with the yarn.  This was a bit tedious as I wound and wound the yarn around the form tightly as I didn't want any of the white to show through.

Once the form was covered with the yarn I snipped off flowers and leafs with my wire cutters.  I then poked small holes in the wreath and put a small amount of the Styrofoam glue on the end of the snipped flowers and leafs before I pushed them into the Styrofoam.  I decided not to use any of the ribbon on the wreath since it just did not blend well with the yarn.  To hang I tied a piece of the yarn around the wreath, then over the hook on the door, and snipped off the ends.  Since I used the yarn as the hanger you can't see it as it blends right in with the rest of the yarn.

I had some leftover flowers and leaves so I used a small willow wreath, purchased at the dollar store, and made a small wreath to hang over the fireplace using the existing candle holder.  

By using supplies I already had on hand, and taking advantage of what the dollar store had to offer, I made  both wreaths for $4.00.  

Now that is the way I like to decorate!


  1. Great...hoping while Tiff is here in two weeks we will get some stuff done around here. Will enjoy just having her time..the conference was cancled that we go to so we will just have mom & daughter rushing, schedules..should be fun..A lot of my fall stuff needs re-doing..or just torn out & new put in..