Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cambria in August

Last month Gary and I decided to take a couple of days and get away from the valley heat.  We set our destination as Cambria and we didn't really want to stay at a hotel/motel as they are so impersonal.  So I started searching online for a B & B for us.  I found this wonderful Bed and Breakfast,, gave them a call and made our reservation.  Right away I was impressed with their service when Eleanor asked what our favorite wine was, did we drink coffee/tea, soft drinks, etc.

Wednesday morning, August 22, we headed out for Cambria and the cooler temperatures. We had to make a stop in Visalia first as Gary had a doctor's appointment and we knew that we would not be able to check until 3:00 PM that afternoon.  After Gary's appointment we said what the heck and decided to stop at Mimi's Cafe for breakfast since neither one of us had breakfast before his appointment.  After breakfast we were on the road again and headed down Highway 99.  Normally we head out toward Hanford and catch Hwy 41 but this time we said let's take a different route.  So that is exactly what we did.

We arrived in Cambria right around 2:00 PM and checked out the location of the B & B.  Once we had it located we headed into Cambria to our first stop, Ball & Skein Yarn Shop.  We arrived at the address for the shop but the building was empty.  My first thought was, Oh no they have gone out of business, but then saw the sign that they had moved.  Whew they were still there!  Two more of my favorite shops happened to be on the same street so we headed to check them out.  I absolutely love Hearts Ease with all their neat little gifts, their potpourri and their garden.  Once we had checked out the boutique we headed out back to the garden area and took a bunch of pictures of all the different flowers.  Here are just a few of them.



Okay so I had to throw in a couple of pictures of Gary and I!
After wandering through the garden for a while we headed to another favorite shop, A Matter of Taste.  This time we did more than look around and actually did some shopping.  I have been looking everywhere for a Scone Pan and they just happened to have one.  So we brought it along with some Chai Tea, a miniature measuring cup and a Christmas gift for someone so I can't say what it is.
Once our purchase was completed we headed to Ball & Skein's new location. 

Their new location is great and they have so much more yarn, needles, etc. to choose from.  After meandering for a while and taking in all their new merchandise it was time to make a purchase and I knew just what it was going to be.  As I was meandering through the shop I notice this really pretty cream color ruffled scarf.  I absolutely loved the feel of the yarn!  The scarf had a tag attached which stated which yarn to use, how much I would need and with the purchase of  the yarn they would print off the pattern for me.  Sweet!  Of course the pattern called for a size 13 needle and I found the perfect pair in their wooden needle selection.  I just love the feel of the wooden needles.  My sweet husband asked me if I was sure that was all I needed before he paid for my purchase. 
We left Ball & Skein heading back to the car with my sweetie carrying all the packages.  But wouldn't you know it we had to pass by the Wildwood.  Wildwood has all kinds of really neat things.  I talked my sweetie into a new hat   
and he brought me a beautiful bracelet.  There are five charms on the bracelet which represent each member of our family; me, Gary, Marianne, Stephen and Awbrey.
We had so much fun shopping together in one of our favorite places but it was now time to head to the B & B and rest for a bit.
We arrived at Her Castle Inn where we met our gracious hostess Eleanor.  Bill and Eleanor's home is built down the slope of a hill and we were on the second floor.  We had our own private entrance and private patio.  Once we were in our room Eleanor stated she would be right back.  She arrived with my favorite wine, ice tea for Gary and a snack tray with difference cheeses, crackers and fruit.  We also had a small refrigerator on the patio and there was a basket full of all kinds of snacks for us to munch on.  There was even a vase of fresh cut roses in our room. 
We decided to rest for a while before we headed back downtown for dinner at Lombardi's Italian Restaurant.  Really good food and a great place to take a family for dinner.  After dinner went back to the B & B as it had been a really long day and we were both exhausted.
The next morning we headed up for breakfast.  Oh my gosh there was so much to choose from; bacon, egg casserole, french toast, fresh fruit, juice, coffee, tea, etc.  We sat at the dining room table with Bill and Eleanor as a family.  Grace was said, we ate and talked about our plans for the day.
We had decided that we would drive down to Morro Bay
 so after breakfast we headed south down Hwy 1.  Our first stop was to be the Garden Gallery but they did not open until 11:00 AM so we meandered in and out of all the little shops while waiting for them to open.  Once they were open we wandered around looking at all the neat stuff, the flowers, and the plants.  There was one thing I wanted to purchase while there and it was one of their violet pots.  Purchase was made and we decided to head north on Hwy 1 to Ragged Point.
It was an absolute beautiful day to be driving Hwy 1 with the temperature in the mid 60's range.  On our way there we decided to stop in Cayucas where we wandered in and out of the antique stores and took a walk out on the pier.
It was time to get back on the road and head north to Ragged Point.  The views were absolutely breath taking.  We went for a walk and of course took lots of pictures.

Time to head back down Cambria way and we decided to stop in San Simeon at a favorite spot of ours, The Cavalier, for an early dinner.
After dinner we were once again on the road.  Since the car needed some pusholine we stopped in Cambia and then did a little antiquing.  It had been a long tiring day but an enjoyable one and we were both exhausted so we decided to call it a day. 

The next morning when we went up to breakfast another couple had come in for the weekend.  The five of us, Bill was playing tennis sat around the dining room talking about all the different plans for the day.  We had such a great time but now it was then time for us to head back to the valley heat.  You can bet the next time we are in Cambria we will stay with Bill and Eleanor again.

We headed out and I drove so Gary could take pictures as we were taking the Santa Rosa Creek Road back to Hwy 46.  Along the way we stopped at Linn's Farm Store and picked up a freshly baked apple pie and some apple scones mix.  Although the road is narrow and winding it is a beautiful drive.
We never know where our next adventure will take us but we will have a great time when we get there!



  1. What a wonderful experience & makes me even MORE homesick for the CA coast! Can hardly wait for 2014 when we head back.I hope by then, Bob will have retired again, and for the last time, & we can take an extended trip. Would love to hit OR & WA. Thanks for the trip..luv you two.

    1. We had such a grand time and are already thinking about our next adventure. Love you girl and when you are in California come over our way. Would love to see you and meet your fantastic husband.