Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Hubby's Favorite Salad

This salad has become my hubby's all time favorite.  I prepared it for him a couple of weeks ago and today he suggested that we have Strawberry Chicken Salad for dinner.  He even offered to go to the market and get what we needed for the salad which was totally fine with me as it was a cool 108 degrees here in the "City with the Small Town Charm" today. His comments as he was eating was this is so good, I could eat this every night and then his final comment was "we need to have more light meals like this."  Sweet!!!

So here is the recipe for those that want a refreshing summer meal.

Strawberry Chicken Salad
assorted salad greens
sliced almonds

roasted chicken, cut in bite size pieces
sliced strawberries
shredded mozzarella cheese
red onion, diced

pomegranate craisins
strawberry or raspberry vinaigrette.
Mix all ingredients in salad bowl. 
Makes a yummy and healthy summer meal.


  1. Oh yes... I tried is delicious. Even my non-salad-eating husband loved it. I had made something similar using mandarine oranges..roasted pecans are good too. Thanks for a new version.

    1. Glad you two liked it. I would love to try yours with the oranges and pecans.