Friday, July 20, 2012

Fun Times

Yesterday L Z, Debbie, Gary and I headed out for a drive up Springville way.  We stopped in at the Cow Punchers Cafe a bite, good down home food, since none of us ate breakfast and we were getting hungry.  Good thing we did too because after brunch we headed out again up highway 190 to Quaking Aspen and Ponderosa.  Spent some time walking around and looking at the scenery.

The scenery was beautiful and the company was great!

We then headed back to our place in Exeter to freshen up a bit before we headed out for dinner as Las Palmas.  The three of us, Nellie, L Z and myself, always get a picture of us every time we are together which we did before heading out for dinner.
We were meeting Roger, Chris & Christy and their boys at Las Palmas for dinner so off we went.  We had a great meal and the time spent with family was absolutely wonderful.  Once we were all stuffed again we decided to walk down Main Street to the Visalia Farmer's Market.  Walked around for a while, didn't buy a thing, and our great-nephew Conner wanted to participate in the Water Melon Seed Spitting Contest. He was in the 7 - 14 year bracket and did really well by spitting that seed 9 feet.  Hooray for Connor!!!

Here are a few photos I snapped while we were waiting for the contest to start.

Fun times with family!!!

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