Sunday, July 8, 2012

Familyships & Friends

Yesterday my sweetie and I drove down to Lancaster/Palmdale and spent the afternoon with a precious lady, Helen Findley, or as we call her Mama Helen.  Of course on the way there we had to stop in at Starbucks and get us a couple of Mocha Frappuccino as it wouldn't be a road trip without a Starbucks to enjoy along the way. 

We visited and reminisced about all our friends and the good times we had with Helen and her husband Shelby who went to his heavenly home several years ago. 

We left Mama Helen's place around 4:30 PM, with a promise that we would be back down her way in a couple of months, since Gary had an appointment with his friend Jeremiah at Psycho City in Lancaster.

You might be asking what is Psycho City?  Well Jeremiah is a tattoo artist so you can guess why we were going to Psycho City.  Gary decided at the young age of 69 that it was time for him to get a tattoo but not just any tattoo.  When Gary was in the U S Air Force he was in Air Rescue and the Annual Air Rescue "Pedro" Convention had come out with a new logo so he decided that this was what he wanted.  His brother Jimmie, who was also in Air Rescue, had just gotten this tattoo too.  So I dropped Gary off at Physco City and I headed out to do some shopping. 

Would you believe I spent 1 hour and thirty minutes in T J Maxx and did not find anything that I could not live without.  So I headed back to Psycho City to pick up Gary as he was finished.  When I arrived his right arm was covered in a bandage from elbow to wrist and he had his instructions from Jeremiah as to the proper care for his new tattoo.  Will post a picture once his arm is healed up.  By the way, the tattoo looks great!!!

Since neither one of us had eaten since breakfast we decided to stop at Panda Express on our way out of Lancaster and get some dinner which was absolutely yummy!  We left Panda Express and went next door to what else but Starbucks.  Since I was driving I needed a Hazelnut Latte and Gary had a Cafe Mocha.  We then headed home, stopping along the way to pick up the supplies he needed to take care of his tattoo, and arrived home around 10:15 PM.

This morning we attended worship service and it was great being in the house of our Lord.  Worship music was excellent and Pastor Rusty delivered an awesome sermon on the Holy Spirit.

Tonight for dinner I tried out a new recipe I got while I was with the kids, Spaghetti with Chicken and Fresh Tomatoes, and I hadn't yet prepared it for Gary. 

So we had the spaghetti dish with a green salad and garlic bread.  It was absolutely yummy!!!  Now I think we will top off the evening with an ice cream treat of some kind.

This has been an awesome weekend!!!

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