Saturday, April 21, 2012

Springtime in the Valley

It is absolutely beautiful here today so Gary and I decided to go for a drive.  We headed out toward Lindsay and decided to drive up to Balch Park.  But first we had to stop and get some pusholine so we stopped in Lindsay and filled up on pusholine.  We then headed down Hwy 65 to Strathmore and decided to take the Strathmore-Springville Hwy.  Since I was driving Gary was snapping all kinds of pictures.  Once we were in Springville we stopped at The Hamburger Stand for some lunch.  Today was also Springville's Annual Jackass Mail Run so the town was hopping.  Also today was one of those days in Springville that if you are not wearing a Jackass Blue or Pink Permit Button you can be thrown in jail and then someone has to bail you out.  We luckily escaped without being thrown in jail since we did not have a permit button.  Once we had filled our tummies we were off again for Balch Park and enjoying the scenery along the way.  However once we made the final turn for Balch Park we came upon sign posting that the Balch Park road was closed 13 miles ahead.  Oh well guess we should have checked with the county before heading out.  So we turned around and took Yokohl Drive down the foothills and then Rocky Hill Drive back to Exeter. 

Here a few pictures Gary took along the drive:

The drive was absolutely beautiful and we enjoyed ourselves so much taking in all the beauty God put on this earth.  Who knows we just might do this again next weekend heading out in a different direction!

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