Saturday, April 14, 2012

Friendship Tea

Today was the 10th Annual Friendship Tea hosted by Church of God of Exeter Women's Ministry.  It is such a great time to get together in fellowship and visit with all the ladies. Each table hostess  plans and decorates her table to reflect the theme of the tea.  There is a different theme each year and this year's theme was "Happy Holidays."  Robin Hulsey and I co-hosted a table and we had such a great time decorating our table in celebration of St. Patrick's Day. 

All the tables were absolutely beautiful and here are a few pictures.

Rita Hogan and JoAnn Dodson have been organizing the tea parties for the past ten years.  Today they took us down memory lane with a slide show of the past ten years of tea parties.  Patrick and Tatiana Kilby entertained us with songs for the different holidays: Auld Lang Syne, Oh Danny Boy, God Bless America, Joy to the World, etc.  Rita and JoAnn have decided to step down from the organizing and today they passed the baton to Delma and Laine.  A great big THANK YOU to Rita and JoAnn for all they have done over these past ten years.

I had so much fun at the tea party and it was wonderful to see all the ladies.  The food was absolutely delish as it always is.  I think all of ladies need to share our recipes and put together a "Tea Party Cookbook."  As I said today was so much fun that I already have ideas running through my mind for next even though I have no idea what the theme will be.

Tea Parties are so much fun!!!

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