Sunday, April 13, 2014

2013 Summer Vacation Part 3

The third week of our vacation Gary, myself and Awbrey headed to north eastern Washington to pick up Ozzie our Australian Terrier puppy.  The east side of Washington is very different from the west side as it was dryer and browner.  We decided to spend the night just outside of Spokane and then drive on to Newport, WA the next morning to pick up Ozzie and then head back to the kids place in Vancouver.

Once we were checked in at the hotel we decided to call some friends of ours that had retired in Spokane.  So Gary gave them a call to see if we could drop in for a visit that evening.  So we got the visit all set up and said we would be there in about an hour.  So my sweetie got their address and they had moved to Priest River, Idaho.  Well being the adventurous people we are we said why not as it was about a ninety minute drive to their place so we headed out for Idaho.  We had a wonderful visit with Ron and Sally and then headed back to Spokane.

The next morning we get up and start out for Newport, WA going almost the exact same way we went the night before.  We were right on time to pick up our baby boy.  Gary spends some time with the breeder getting all the information and proper care for Ozzie.

It is now time for us to head back to Vancouver and hang out with the kids for a while before we head back to California.  Here are a few picture we took along the way.

We get back to the kids place and now have to get their boys ready to accept a new puppy into their home.  The couple of hours were kinda stressful but the boys became friends and decided to get along.

It is now time for us to head back to Cali and it is really hard to leave our kids after being with them for 3 weeks.  As always we always spend our last evening with them at Laurelwood Pub in Battle Ground for a fantastic dinner.

The next morning we head home for an entirely new adventure of traveling with a puppy!


  1. Oh how wonderful...what a cutie. I just logged on to my blog spot & saw this...I see that it is a year old by now. Name please? I am thinking of starting mine up again. It is time to do some traveling/spring time in LA...maybe something to share a long the way.

  2. Actually I just posted this CarolSue as I thought I had finished it and found I had not as it was still in draft form. His name is Ozzie! Gary thought that was very appropriate since he is an Australian Terrier. He keeps us on our toes as if it is on the floor it belongs to him.