Saturday, November 6, 2010

Family Traditions

Marianne and Kimberly were 4 years old when Gary and I were married.  Our first Christmas, together as a family, we didn't have a lot of money.  We brought our first artificial tree and a few decorations.  We needed a few more decorations for the tree so Marianne, Kimberly, Gary and I made red and green paper chains, strung popcorn and red berries to finish decorating the tree.  After that we tried to do something together every year to add to the tree.  We painted ornaments, baked the stain glass look ornaments, and made ornaments out of clay.   As the girls got older and moved away from home I really missed the little things we did together during the holidays.  Now they have families of their own and I am so looking forward to the old and new traditions we will have with our grandchildren.

When Awbrey was barely 3 months old we began our tradition of making Christmas candies and breads together every year.  Her first Christmas she sat in her bouncer chair, on the kitchen counter, and we made her first batch of fudge together and each year we continue to make our candy and breads together.  Even though the kids now live in Vancouver, WA, Awbrey and I will continue to keep our tradition.  I usually take everything we will  need with me and we spend a day before Christmas making our candies, breads and apple butter.  This is a tradition that I hope will continue through the years ahead.

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