Sunday, July 17, 2011

The place of seeing God

I am so enjoying a book by Ann Voskamp, "One Thousand Gifts." My baby girl brought this book when I was visiting her this past February and I read the first chapter then.   When I got home I ordered a copy for myself.  Last night I was reading chapter 6, "what do you want? the place of seeing God" and it spoke to my heart so I thought I would share a small portion with you.

"The Only way to see God manifested in the world around is with the eyes of Jesus within.  God is the One seeing God without.  God is both the object of my seeing and the subject who does the act of all real seeing, the Word lens the inner eye wears.  To sit in the theater of God and see His glory crack the dark, to open the eyes of my heart to see the fountain of His grace, thousands of gifts, I have to split heart open to more and more of Jesus.  Who can split open the eyelids of Jesus?  He tears the veil to the Holy of Holies, gives me the only seeing I have.  I have been lost and now I am found and I sing it softly, before the flying of the flocks south: "Be thou my vision, O Lord of my heart..."

What do you want and who do you want to see?

God bless each of you with a glorious day!

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